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Few castles is to maintain its original distribution. Common sites are the ones that are abandoned in the 16th century, when they have long exhibited kasárnické houses, and those are Osek castle northwest of Osek in the Dell at the foot of the Ore Mountains to the old way, it is now a good road by Running north-west.

Turns away from her car up trip to the countryside near the fort and spread to the gurgling brook in the heart of the castle ranger question.
This is on a steep rocky hill and was connecting the northwest to southeast, and falls on three sides by steep valley. Castle which was long and wide.

For the same rangers stranger appears wall, which was the first goal, because it has scales, which is a gamekeeper, stands in the corner of the former closing. From there it will be rebuilt by the wall adjacent to the entire western side of the castle closed, while in the upper left is a castle located on a steep cliff. Many who naskytuje here is large: is broken for all the pieces of the wall and fell onto the road.

A few steps behind the Forester seems extensive building čtverhranaté, out west povydané, where you can see how there are two floors above him, and thus three groups of soil. The second or middle can still see the loopholes.

Some apartments for families and Garner on the ground floor Konice; povydání are then this building was very important for the defense. Journey runs in the same way as before, between the upper wall and castle, the old wall is here in one place a pillar in the old days already built, are supported by the place where the walls of the castle near the top Wall access of rural areas.

It used a second turn, gave a simple gateway and so incoming enemy after this rather long journey nepřekonával located to many difficulties, and his left hand to the top of the castle, covered with a shield. For the second goal his high round tower hinders even maid standing between him and the upper castle, in those days not available (is this wall provalena), he was going through. This is the tower diameter as commonly towers.

Closed on the inside, rough walls, broke a hole in the ground floor and obroubili side posts, the stairs up to the tower, but because they are clouded by the stairs, is now permanently closed. The old entrance used to on the north side of the level of the second floor, so that the upper walls of the castle for a long distance walk across the bridge and could, therefore, could not their only post-high ladder are přestupovati. A panel under the door was left. The peculiarity is that the rural large parts of the tower remained, which sees only rarely Osec. While seeing the tower points haul you off.
Between the upper castle tower and had to go through this and then, before it went to rural fence. This extends even to the tower in the southeast and it is a little lower than the floor of the tower there are quite spacious Bailey closed walls, which are also found in some of the windows. No doubt there used catapults to throw away maid could be built profitably on the way already described as a fortress on which the speech. Below the tower is located west of the gate to the side and a path to the castle. This has started since the beginning of the castle path has started, with a little about the place where the old road branches off from the road winds through the zig-zag up, especially around the steep cliffs, whose surface had as a bastion of cabin has been modified. Directly behind this wall and at the end of the left rock přitesaná artificially by replacing the wall. It is a path between the wall and the wall of a spring, which shows rectangular bastion.
Converge in the former inbound route between the Upper Castle and the round tower, came in the old days (now, but each rise to the rum), where it fits into the towers even lower fences, and in its eastern part, it went back on the Upper Castle Road between rural east wall of the final when obejel rock, it was an obstacle, and turned the steep path to the gate, of which only two columns left, and this was just a simple gate in the wall. Then came the lower divisions of the upper castle. The left gate coupled čtverhranaté house, no doubt, with the horses. Incoming came here gave their horses, because the already barely able to ride a horse. Cute as háječek seems to us that the lower area of separation, which is undoubtedly plac, he said. Perhaps the bosses used to have a garden for your relaxation. Above this amount, the maximum separation walls and towers is being protected předobře to which he was not there immediately.

Now, however, free access to the ruins, but it was difficult in the old days. for it was on the path of deep ditch. But now we approach the fourth free decorative gate, perhaps the most beautiful piece, which received the OSEC, but there was room for appealing zvodítého Bridge, narrow rock revetment and the pulley presumed hole, that here in ancient times right after the bridge Move up. Who this document is končitým arched gate passed, he turned to her right quadrant and found myself before the fifth gate, the only to delay it to the top. The gate, which was simple, but the round tower, standing before the rock, be well protected, that the tower is not, nor all excited and podebraná Kusa.
On the southwestern side of this department is the first rectangular building and tower addition čtveranatá. of which the corners are lined štukovím. Its interior is a great addition to the window, nothing remarkable. Before the question is, outbuildings depression, no doubt the former tank water reservoir in the water in the corner of the building and the other square, the tower on the wall rack.

The highest point of the castle, the palace houses the čtverhranaté Věžovatá. In his stick just the front door, opposite the door to the corridor. Entrance closed with a gross gate. The east side has no windows, as it was superimposed on the west side of the window a beautiful narrow cliffs and so decorative that it has little equal in the castle, are. On the first floor above the ground floor resting on large stones, which were povydány outside the walls. The first floor is a single window, to work so artfully, as in the ground floor, but dvojaté (jt own two windows). The floor was sunk in the rafters above the wall, but the strength in one corner of the rough stone was improved povydán. The second floor is a single rectangular window. Popisovatel earlier assertions that there were signs of old paintings of the 15th Century, I've seen something similar.

Hrabisics and Osek

Current costs for both Osek deforestation, as the name suggests, is the earlier settlement Duchcovská landscape. There was a market town founded Hrabiše (I lived vielleicht. 1109), named after Hrabišín from that around the year 1240, that the Old Czech name called Tokzaw left.

Descendants of the founders of the local landscapes are abundant goods. Her family came Hrabiše Brothers (1180-1197) Slavek (1266) and drilling (1188-1207). The first was a bridge, then at least his children were with the surrounding landscape. Mussels held on Osek great products and also products of Loket. There he founded the town of Slavkov and Iceland.

When he nábožnému Mihostovi monastery not sustainable as ointments, founded Slavek with him in the monastery Osec (around 1196).

Slavek was highest in the years 1212-1222 valet. His sons were Hrabiše (1197-1203) and Bohuslav (1201-1240) and this in turn had sons Slávka (1231-1254 abbot and bishop in Osec Prusa) and Borsa (1226 etc.). The first is called Osek and summer 1255 drilling) The castle was at the time. Initial giant castle was his name, has taken only in Latin and German, Czechs and lords have always called him Osek.
According to an earlier chroniclers apparently is based Summer 1220), which we was possible, but in its fundamentals, as we see today was built later, but always under the reign of King Premysl. Position of the round tower in the blank space at the bottom of the fence is more castles (are Klapého, Krumlov, Rosenberg) this time.

It was founded in the UK, then Osek and then assumed that the holes is called the summer of 1264 Burggraf OSEC and believe that it was hereditary Castle County. Summer 1275 is based on his estate in Moravia Klasterec Třebovská, but note it has issued to Osec. Dopustiv betrayal of the king of thought (1276), is captured and I think he died suddenly in prison. Since the court ordered the earth is his farm, but I think execution of this condemnation of the king's death were thwarted.

Borša sons Slovek (1264-1277) and CBM. It died at about the same time as my father, then soon after his father. Summer 1280 is dead already mentioned. The orphans adopted Šumburk guardianship of Frederick, brother of the mother. Young holes, Bohuslav otherwise stated, reached the years of their 1ETA 1291), where he sat down to judge the earth. L. 1302 and made a covenant with the abbot Oseckým in mind when she found the two countries anywhere in the ore that each half.) Monasteries Oseckému made ample facilities and educate their goods, came to great wealth. King John (1323) to it, and "all of his successor, Viscount Castle Osek," said the monastery Oseckému barriers not.) 1326 great earthquake felt in the castle. Watcher, who were on the towers, they were trembling and frightened, that together come with the tower and is concerned that to come Judgement Day.) year 1333 was a lot of years and when the children sold Borsa and mussels in the castle Kostomlaty manství village and held her Ledvice.

The proportion of owners of 1339 King had been 1ETA Osek change the holes and all his goods to John King in fief, nothing lost, yes vyzískal because he and his numerous escapes pravomocnosti regional courts and subject only Dvorský court. Furthermore, his first in 1341, King John and the grace that may translate to Meissen posavadní travel to more comfortable places in the body of its Guard and selected.) Died shortly after the year 1344th His children were a fixed number of years. Summer 1349 jointly waived any objects in Meissen, 1350 1ETA Zavidovské received goods at the castle Boršenštein (from a stand-based ancestors), of Friedrich Margrave of Meissen in the feud.

would of Charles IV was the freedom of the gold and silver mines that are on them and the manor house was built Osek Bečov after twelve years, took full advantage. Probably the first broke in 1355. Everybody got one half of the castle and town Osek Duchcova and some villages, the distribution of the castle lasted until 1378th Then he sold half is Slavek Osek Castle is a mountain, half the city under the castle, orchard, stream Borša his brother. He held the manor Duchcova half of the villages, but sold all 1ETA brother in 1385.) Both died shortly after.

Both sons are named Borša Borsov and recognize the benefits of older and younger (even Moravek). Bores earlier in 1392 founded the first constant mass in the chapel. Cross outside the city walls Duchcova, served this year alone and 1ETA 1395 with his brother in the church Duchcovskému. Also held Bečov. Bores in April 1394 liter bikes with young people from different Švamberka and many castles and churches Toužimská, vytloukli attacked him and took him to the provost jatého Osek Petersburg, where he cruel to a prison.)

Not long after Bores Osek was younger, but are sold zadluživ 1.1398 Osek castle, abbey and town Osek Duchcov Wilhelm, Margrave Míšeňskému and Eliska, his wife.
These products gave about 25 manství, I think the end of the 13 planted century. Markgraf then enrolled Osek Real Estate (1399) Eliška if it had to meet no heirs, because he bought with his money to lend, but Eliza has died in 1400. Stay on Osec he wanted, at 1.1398, 1400,1402,1404 stayed here and with the various provisions of the manstvích, especially dedicated to them went on. Fojt's Henry Einsiedlu end of August 1399, then Bynum Gunter were from the end of August 1404 L RL Žibřid was captain of the Šomberka, concerned with the rear Gunter and other officials.
When Margrave William L., died in February 1407, there was excitement in the neighborhood, but not the war. Peter Ebrhartův kind of Prague, was bought in 1394 by brothers l. Boršův in 1922 LANUV Ledvice with benefits and robots, who had inherited all of his son John, a cleric. Ledvičtí farmers do it as an obstacle, but condemned the action and appeal to them in Rome rejected in 1405 1ETA. Because of their resistance remained, first came in 1406 from March 4 farářům ordered all around the church in excommunication from the church. Farmers and therefore would not allow 20 April excommunication and back service to the Church of God where Ledvičtí went, stopped. Over the summer, and for sin banning two repeated again in October.

Surrounding three farářům pay the day Sunday splashes holy water on the rejection of evil spirits, kept in their chains, and a sign of stubbornness Lednice threw three stones at the side of the apartments are. Ledvických Osečtí officials and have committed themselves to blame for the fact that the collection of John užitkův be disturbed. You, T. R., 26 November moved the curse. Anathema replied first in 1407, 23 April and warned the abbot and the convent Osek, all citizens and the surrounding Burggraf, that all traffic containing vyobcovanými.

Because it does not work, repeat the oath na Ledvické May 7 and ordered farářům Ledvičti when she appeared in the church immediately discontinue service to God, and if the obstinacy of them lasted one month, about a mile in the service of God Lcdvic more. L. 1408 were driven by officials in Rome, but unstable, and once again cut off. The same thing happened again this year against them and Ledvickým. Finally, first in 1410 and Frederick Margrave of Pfalz and his Turgova Burggraf, placed in a ban. End of us is not known, but no matter what happens, it is obvious what work had to cancel the term caused handled now by a local court, and for this stubbornness that any judge of his condition he should be tried.
When the first divided Meissen around 1410 heads of all their land and property, came Bob Osek younger son William. Osek manstvím and was first sold in 1398 without the consent of the king. Even repeated skirmishes between the Czechs and Míšnany since 1401 until 1 th 1411 did the king Vaclav promised truce with Frederick and that he Osek Duchcova Litvinova place and not to hinder. T. R. Palatinate governor also resigned. When it occurs the master tapes. Ceasefire after seven months has expired, and the war began again. Vaclav Kral dominate Duchcov which made the governor of Hynce Kaufunku. Some townspeople Markgraf ran believers, but for their goods confiscated and donated Hyncovi (1412, July 16) as well as money allowed him to mend his ways farm pond. The final peace with his cousin Frederick I, 1417, and made Osek Duchcov Litvinov and kept them in power.

In previous wars, probably to the Margrave Friedrich Hynce started the tapes, connected, and then by Klaus Utenhotu Osec the prisoners. L. Margrave in 1418 by Frederick William Sr. and released from prison and given assurances that make a lot of castle Osek Hanuš Paseka, his brother and heir Hyncovym, promises to the pantry, people and armed which ye give Paseková were required to to wear them once they have opened. Emperor Sigismund in 1422 wrote the first three of the Marquis of certain goods, vymíniv the fact that Osek regarded as a pledge, but they would have vyplacovati Rheingold.

Since 1423 comes out as Gelfryd Trachenfeisu Burggraf Osek. T. R. priest of the Church Duchcovskému served. Remained the same, even in the office when Prokop, first, 1426 Duchcov dominate after heavy fighting. TR Osek handed him two of Bedrich again for a year. The behavior of the castle, he was granted in 1500 fl. of which she was to hold 90 people at the castle. Fire and dust are required to send the lords of the castle and the master went to Hradec stavčl and would be repaired, the contract being renewed from year to year. Still first in 1432, there were princes, and stood as the hostages, when peace with the orphans at 10 000 F1. redeemed.

After the death of Prince Friedrich (1438) gave his sons Frederick, William Castle and Sigismund common Osek. L. ceded in 1434 Gelfryd Castle Žibřidovi the Šomberka and this again after a year of Kaspar Rechenberka. Prince Frederick is also the first Stayed in 1437, gave certain goods in the Duchcov manství. After the battle, captured Želcnic Čechův driven many castles that were able Meissen. Kaspar had 130 and 961 000 vyručili for a kick. Jasper remained governor until early November, R. 1441st Then brooch Hojnestu Osek took office three years ago, but either died or resigned since the start of the first 1442 Jasper was captain again. Roosevelt was the last captain Gunter Karas. L. 1454, he wrote all the many accessories come with it.
Since 145S built and repaired and built Osec chamber (room heaters). Buy a brick, lime, tools. Maybe, just sváželi and that neither is the building.
George of Podebrady tried since 1449, the Osek make back to the crown, but after ten years he was successful. Cheb treaties (1459, April 25) led them to the bridge and Osek Duchcov. Jin wrote Osek King (1459, May 23) Zbiňkovi Hazemburka of hares and the next day asked the Prince Frederick Zbyněk castle with rifle fire and dining room, and something that people said in the submission. Zbynek then gave the castle and the Office of Hanuš Naptic. But the very next year vyvadil King Osek and kept him first in 1460 Prokop Rabšteina 15 January so that the kings of the castle remained open. He is to him a kick prostavěli up to 200 when the conscience of the Abbot of Osek spectacular.

If then in the first 1464-1465 new money borrowed by it, turn it on Osec wrote. Prokop was a faithful follower of the King and the Chancellor in 1468 Died first 1472nd Osek events on the last years of his yet explained. L. embedded 1468 in Duchcov Crusaders, who went into Bohemia, and a 1469 Castle said Osek of royal troops besieged. It is certain that I posted to the army in 1471 Duchcov, and that was a big effect on the crew Osek for damages in the neighborhood have. Perhaps that was all the cause Rabsteina Henry, who was looking Prokop Osek. This first course in 1473 such damages Saších poked. The fact that Prince Ernst and Albrecht were gathered an army and laid siege to the castle and had it with Osek Duchcov.

Captured the delivered product as Director Joanne kings of the earth, which in turn promised them (17 October) that he never returned Osek that the walls are Duchcova thrown in 14 days, and Henry, who was captured, it will be before the King be built to try and princes are right. was 2) forced Immediately after Henry, Prince Paul of a proper application Sulevice Osek, but when Henry was first in 1474 to the Diet Svatomatějském the rights of princes, they did not send messengers.

King Vladislav Osek first wrote in 1474 Paul and his uncle Vaclav, Busk, Purkart, brothers Peter and John, and his money Osec attributed (1475) because he returned to his notes and Perná Royal Stone. Final 1st 1479 scored all life. 4) but had constant restraint, which roztrušoval RabŠtcinem that it is preparing for Osek (1477) holds. Some clashes were scaled back over the mountains. 3) The first in 1488 wrote on Sulevští seděním OSEC, especially if his wife's dowry Bušek Brygytě Leisncka and Pavel, Vaclav, Petr Purkart included a guarantee for him. Paul died soon after, and his property was jointly Purkart the name of the brother, but nepsával already seděním na OSEC, but the Duchcov.

Received from King Vladislav (1499) Osek frystunk in the mountains for 15 years and a 1501 hunting and robots on the clergy, the Osek was held. 7) last held the estate of John Kaplíř Sulevice and that it is well supported by Lobkowicz Děpold I of Jamnitz. It was the first in 1523 and the debt tr Děpold I of Jamnitz money for the Lord duchcovským Osek.

After the death Dipoldově lost many of its goods, the proper management of the acquired his sons. They were George, John, Litwin, Děpold I of Jamnitz Christopher, Peter and Vaclav. They are for King Ferdinand (1530), please enter the castle and town have to Osek Duchcov doprodal. In advanced he bribe without any Dobris homes, which had promised. The King had the nobility and the benefits of the mountains left, but without prejudice to the Lord.

The brothers died soon after Peter and Jerry. Other separated on 1 1538 Goods for Bilina, Osek, truth, and others. Chateau Osek the city below, and Fort Duchcov with many villages have been given Vaclav per share. This and his descendants have always shared between the Duchcov.

In Duchcov reminded of from 1 1385 'stronghold near the pond, "which is probably already on the grounds of the castle. As already mentioned, had been accessory Duchcov often Osek castle and only a short time been separated. The city will be used to free goods, which used be to cut back manstvím. From about 1491 the custom was that the holders of the fort Osek Duchcovská bydlívali. Vaclav guess fortress expanded and the first in 1544 called a lock.

For Vácslavovy government was this episode. Probably the first preached in 1561 devatenáctero cattle rushed to the mountain town of Dol. Jiretin were grazed on občinách, and asked them if their subjects, who lives in the village at all had adopted for himself, and his side and preserved by them, "said the mayor. There are people who are afraid to give it to his estate připsati that the color will remain for ever in them.

And do it accidentally. Went to his master and begged him that they did not make it to the farmhouse they were credited, and if he does so shall that he lives in the village (ie the common grazing will say) were married, but that they promise in Skoda denied. Then said the Lord, that it promised not to ask for it, and where their remains stayed to look like his life, too.

He said that there is still life in the village rushed through City Council (ie, not benefit the individual, his cattle). Then came Nicholas Hochauzu and Eisemberce, and asked the neighbors cattle vehnati not so good right to pasture, as they are. He said a judge who is right by his Lord's command that it vehnati. And then there fell. Here they come again Hochauzárovi people, took them to power, they drove into town and asked the mayor to have to write to the Lord, she is the master nevháněl and if it happens again that it is also stretched.

The mayor announced a master again, she wrote again started, and when it returned to them and share them nehadrovali than that they asked if the commandment of the Lord, about his injury. If the two met, said that Mr. Vaclav Hochauzárovi even asked her the power nevháněl cattle, but that he prayed that they no master in it and they do not take sealed sheets. Hochauzárovi had weapons, but not done to anyone. The end is not known, was the nobility of the dispute, which at that time known as a tie.

Vaclav L died in 1574, with several sons and daughters, but for the most part minor. Therefore, their guardians and guardianship sdělal also places it on his wife of Veitmile bonuses. The same assumption also a concrete list of what everyone refers to its služebníkův. George's youngest sons, Adam Havel, Vaclav, John and Matthew first Děpold I of Jamnitz achieved its 1583 years (with the exception of the youngest) and then immediately split. George came to the castle Duchcov Osek guessed a number of villages, Adam Blatno, John Lower Jiretin with the villages of Matthew Vsechlapy Duchcova and abandoned Duchcov with the villages.

George was also held Střekov kr. Board of Directors and President of the first in 1586 and gave apelacími Duchcovským sale of wine, salt and pitch. In addition, they could brew beer in a position to be in the joint, common brewer, or previously were permitted only after the brew houses. George L died in 1590 and was buried in St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. On the evidence of his "sacrament" jezovita the bells told at his death Chanovský, all without human intervention, and if God's encouragement edge ring. Duchcov Střekov and came to his brother Adam Havel. This is also a place Vsechlapy and 1594 he wrote his sisters Barbara Ann and after every 7500 Kopach Duchcov Castle and several villages.

Coupled with the fact that both virgins Duchcov Vsechlapy Strekov and managed for many years, although on the first Adam died in 1606 and his uncle was Jan Vaclav Vaclav Hüterin William, son of a minor. Despite the fact that increased in Duchcov, remained in the possession of the noble and Duchcova by 1 Vaclav appointed him in 1612. At the same time from the estate of Jan Vaclav Jiřetínského purchased with Litvinov.

The first dedicated women Jiretin 1612 Anne Marie first girl. and 1 from 1616 Fyrštemberka Margaret Františce SECOND GIRL. of Dictrichšteina. Vaclav had died the first 1625th Front Jazef his son from his second marriage lasted Duchcov bears his years and a 1635 Freedom town also confirmed he died soon odkázav Duchcov his wife, Mary, virgin Polyxena. of Talmterka.

This is the second time she married Maximilian of Wallenstein hr and with it the first confirmed 1644 Freedom Duchcovských. She died first in 1651, odkázavši Duchcov the half man and half of them two children. Maximilian died first Duchcov 1655 and has his youngest son, Johann Friedrich, who was the first in 1668 (actually 1674) and a bishop of Hradec in 1675 Archbishop of Prague. Died first in 1694 by zřídiv Duchcov estate remarkable.

It was designed specifically for John Joseph, the younger son of Ernest Joseph, a nephew of the archbishop. Same first to die in 1733, leaving no male dědicův. Duchcov then fell to Joseph John George, the younger brother's son, who died Litomysl and a vyženil 1771st It was by his son George Krystyan (1792), then succeeded in turn, the son of George Joseph (1823). This was the only son of Anton, who died first 1848th His son George died on 1 1854, son of Vladislav zústavaviv (R 1877) and the son of John George.


fl .- Florencio or Zlatko
povydán - bulging

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