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Ryzmburk - short history of castle
Ryzmburk - short history of castle

The earliest mention of the castle is in the document from the year 1250, surname Bores (of Rýzmburk). The historical research of the building confirm that was built shortly before that date (1248/1249) one of the towers in the upper part of the castle. The castle (or whose oldest part was built) so sometime in the first half of the 13th C. It was in the strategic location on the edge of the Ore Mountains on the important long distance route from the Czech Republic to Saxony, which has been used since prehistoric times, situiert.
The former castle owner - the men of giant castle, or "Hrabišic" - computing (they had a rake in the arms), were among the most important medieval noble families of the Czech Republic and thus of engaging in the development of the entire Northwest region of the Czech Republic. Osek In addition, they founded the important Cistercian monastery. Many members of the family also worked at important posts in the royal court.

The gentlemen of giant castle in 1398 sold their property, including the castle in Osek the Margrave of Meissen, and returned in this Region never return. The castle served as a residence and was no longer continue in the administration of a certified official - Burggrafen. Sales of the rule Osek and Dux played but it will without the consent of the king, aged dispute over what the property, which only stopped in 1459 by returning to the hands of the Bohemian king. In 1530 King Ferdinand I sold the castle giants castle to the Lords of Sulevice. This settled soon thereafter (to 1538) in the more comfortable castle in Dux, while the castle giants castle was abandoned and slowly began to degenerate.

Giants Castle is one of the largest castles in the Czech Republic. It is based on a long and narrow rocky spur, which flows around the east and vyhlidkavez_mnorth side with a river. From the perspective of medieval military affairs is a quality fortress, which was apparently never conquered. The castle has two basic parts. The core with residential tower and chapel is located in the höchsten part of the rock back. To him is from the south and west side, the umfangreicherste on a wall with turrets Sagittarius limited object, which dominates to this day, the massive flight tower (known as Mountain Time).

The ruins were in the 19th Century, a popular picnic spot, in the thirties, they even visited the famous romantic poet Karel Hynek Macha-color, and made the portrait. In the second half of the 19th century at the peak of the escape tower was built, an outlook that is accessible by a staircase neueingebaute. Today the castle is almost in the whole extent hidden in wooded areas and is not used for tourism. But further, it is one of popular destinations and walks.
Origin: Mgr. Michal Soukup
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